Greetings and Salutations

So you’ve wandered across my page, welcome.

My name is Liz and I am the one-woman show of Octojelly Crochet Studio. You can find my Etsy shop at

I am also a mom, a table top gamer, a sometimes cook/baker and when it’s not the middle of winter, a gardener.

This blog will contain mostly crochet, a smattering of cooking recipies that I enjoy making that I think others might enjoy, and whatever antics my toddler gets into that I feel like sharing with the public at large.

I’ll also add posts on occasion about the Saturday night DnD game that I participate in if something I deem epic or highly note worthy happens.

My goal is, going forward to try to update this twice a week. I do however, work a rotating 12 hour shift at nights, so some weeks the posts will be short, I may miss a post, or I may not post at all.

Now that all the fun stuff is mentioned, I feel I need to put this out there now, before someone gets upset because I put views out that someone doesn’t agree with.

Seeing as I live in the United States, at no point will I ever write my opinion about the current political regime currently holding office. My page isn’t about politics and it never will be. It is about sharing an insight to my crochet work and a little about my life in general.

I am also a very big supporter of the LBGTQ movement and I have no problems with showing my support publicly. I have some very good friends who identify as something other than CIS/Straight and two that as transitioning from female to male, and I fully support them on their decision to do so.

If that bothers you, you have two options, you can keep reading my blog and keep your opinions to your self, or you can find a different blog to read. Any comments that I deem inappropriate or hateful will be deleted and you will be blocked.

I hope you all enjoy my posts going forward and I do looking forward sharing my work process with you.