Business Update

Business Update

For those who haven’t figured it out, or read one of the few posts that I mentioned it in, I run an Etsy store called Octojelly Crochet Studio. It can be found here:

As I work towards making my Etsy shop a stable source of income, I have decided to take on commissions. Some of my product in the shop already have a custom option. For something that isn’t in the shop:

The commissions can be anything, within reason. If the item in question involves a copyrighted, or trademarked image, I will be turning those down. Mostly because I don’t want the legal fight that will ensue should it be discovered that I made the item.

Also, I actually respect other artists work. So if I get a request for an exact copy of someone else’s work and all you’re really looking for is a cheaper price with the exact same materials, I will turn that down. Being a cheapskate is not a reason to ask for a commissioned piece.

I will ask that commission requests be sent to me via email. The email address is

This is just so I can keep all the requests in one section and allow me to keep track of the orders better.