Shop Product: Crochet Egg

Shop Product: Crochet Egg

Galactic Eggs

So these eggs, dubbed No-Yolk friends by my Twitter followers, started out with just me playing around with a pattern from one of my many crochet books (and I did check, I can make and sell products from the book, I just can’t put the pattern on the internet.

Sushi Egg

I make most of them out of worsted-weight acrylic yarns, but ones like the Sushi Egg, that are a combination of yarns are usually a mix of a worsted weight acrylic and lace weight wool blend. I always use poly-crylic fluff and either safety eyes or plastic buttons for the eyes.

The eggs have become much more popular than the dice bags, which honestly surprised me. I did not anticipate them becoming as popular as they have. I’ve been told by a few customers that they are using them as a substitute for a stress ball.

Not yet named

In lieu of the fact that the holidays are quickly approaching, I am planning on making many, many more of these, as well as some other additional things to add to the shop.