An end of year update.

The title is because I highly doubt I’ll be updating this again before the end of 2020.

These last few months have been a little crazy, thus my highly erratic posting schedule. I started a new job with a set-ish schedule, so that will help get this blog into a more regular posting schedule.

I also, if you visit the shop (, have not updated the shop in a little over a month. I’m planning on updating the shop during the first week of January 2021. I’ve been working on some new products to add and I want to get a good amount of product to add before I do that.

I’ve also decided that before the summer of 2021 that I’d like to get my business license. I’ve priced it out and done the research. It will be a little more than I thought it would be to get it all right the first time, but definitely less than others I talked to about it thought is would be.

I resurrected my ko-fi account ( to help raise the money for my license. I realize that with all the Covid chaos going on that I probably won’t get much, but I figured it would hurt to try.

I’ve made some plans for the shop for next year. Among these plans include moving some of the product from the shop on Etsy to the shop options on Facebook and Ko-fi. Still working out the logistics of that.

I’m also going to start streaming on Twitch, teaching crochet. Those streams will then be added to my YouTube channel.

I also want to try to update this blog at minimum, twice a month. While I would love to update this every week, I figured I should, in theory, realistically be able to update twice a month to start out with.

I wish everyone I good holiday and a healthy new new year.