Looking back and moving forward

2020 was certainly not what anyone expected it to be. I could probably write a series of posts on that and it wouldn’t be enough. I also promised that I would not talk politics here, so I won’t do so.

From the prospective of the shop, I did much better that I thought I would. I did just over 4x the number of dollars than I did in 2019 and sold over 100 items. I only sold 7 items in 2019.  I also had orders in 28 out of the 50 US states. I even had my first international order in 2020, which is awesome.

I spent a good portion of Dec. 31, 2020 going over and recording all of my numbers for 2020, and have decided to make a few changes. They are as follows:

  1. I will be adding shipping options for the shop, I will announce those in another blog once I have finalized those options. The additional options will start in February.
  2. My goal will be to update the shop every other Wednesday, at least twice a month. I will be rotating out product periodically, moving those to sell onto Facebook or Ko-Fi. When I do so, I will announce it.
  3. I have also decided that this blog will be updated, at minimum, every Tuesday, with additional updates I see fit.
  4. I’ll be going live on Twitch at least twice a month, teaching crochet streams. Those live streams and other videos will be placed on my YouTube channel. I’ll relay that schedule when I finalize it.
  5. I’m going to be doing a lot more on my various social media accounts, not just Twitter and this blog as well to help further my goal of making this my full time income stream.

I’m also planning, before January is over, to obtain my business license as I have decided to try doing in-person craft fairs in 2021, and having one will make doing paperwork easier.

The main goals I have for the shop in 2021:

  1. Have at least 10 orders a month to meet a goal of 120 orders for the year.
  2. To have at least 1 commission order a month
  3. To offer a better variety of products.

This is it for now, I’ll have more in the next behind the scenes update. I’m also going to try to get 1 or 2 of the other categories updated before then as well.

Good luck in this new year everyone! I hope it brings you only good things.