Crochet Abbreviations and Terms

Please note that these pertain to US patterns. There is a post in progress for converting UK terms to US and vice versa.

Base (foundation) Chain: The length of chain made at the start of a piece of crochet as a basis for constructing the work

Charts: used to show the layout of filet crochet work

Front/Back: refers to the font/back of a piece of work while it is worked in a single direction. This changes as the piece it turned.

Group: A number of stitches worked in a single space. Sometimes referred to as a “shell” or “cluster”

Multiple: The number of stitches needed for a specific pattern. Example: Multiple of 8 + 3(and 2 for base)= making 18,21,29 etc chains for a base of 11, 19, 27 ets

Picot: A run of chains normally brought back in on itself

Stitch Diagrams: Shows the overall design at a glance while also indicating the precise detail of construction

Turning (starting) Chain: the number of chains needed before starting a new row or round