Double Crochet Square

The Double Crochet Square is great if you want to make a square that don’t have a lot of holes in it, the way the Traditional Granny Square does. This one is also a good one to just keep repeating the rows until it gets to the size that you want without having to make multiple squares to piece together. Each round after round 2 increases by 4 stitches

Base Ring: Chain 4, join with slip stitch

Round 1: Ch5 (count as 1dc, ch2), [3dc into the ring, ch2] 3 times, 2dc into ring. slip st to 3rd of ch-5

Round 2: Slip st into next sp, chain 7 (counts as 1dc, ch4) *2dc into same sp, 1dc into each dc across the side of square**, 2dc into next sp, ch4; repeat from * twice more and from * to ** again, 1 dc in same space as ch-7, slip st to 3rd of ch-7. {4 groups of 7dc}

Round 3: Repeat as Round 2. { 4 groups of 11dc}

Round 4: Repeat as Round 2. {4 groups of 15dc}

Fasten off.