Quick Update: March Addition

Greetings and Salutations

So I started the process to obtain my business license about two weeks ago. As of this morning, I have gotten the DBA forms signed, notarized and faxed in. Now to wait for approval from the Virginia State Government .

My business did almost $1000 in sales in 2020. in comparison I did $220 in 2019. I opted to file this year to save the headache of an IRS visit next year if my sales get to 2020 levels again.

I am planning on updating the shop at some point this week, and there will be a sale next week to coincide with my 36th birthday.

I am still working on the Granny Square series. I’m making the squares as I do this, to ensure that there is a final product to go with the post. It’s just taking a little longer that I thought it would. There will be 6 squares posted this week to make up for being short 1 last week.

I have also added a research assistant to help me with the blog as I’m beginning to realize that I can’t do all of this on my own, I would never sleep if I tried. He may even write a few blogs to if he feels like it.