A slightly overdue update

So I had promised an update to the Etsy shop at the beginning of March, however some other things have happened, and that didn’t happen. Life got a little crazier than I had intended, and for that I apologize.

I’ll be doing the update sometime in April, I’ve decided that I will only be doing an update every other month, so that I have more time to get product ready.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, you are aware that I have decided to try my hand at designing a blanket. Once I get all the motifs made, and figure out assembly, I’ll get the pattern written and the motif diagrams drawn up. I figure the writing/drawing part will be the harder part of this endeavor.

I do still plan on finishing the granny square/motif series as well. I’m hopping to add to it next week, once I’ve had some time to actually sit and write them out.

I have a research assistant now, so I’m hoping to get on a more regular update schedule soon, or at least that’s the tentative plan anyways.

Until the next update, here’s a micro octopus for you enjoyment