November Update

So, where to start,

Update to the Etsy shop coming later this week. There is also a 20% off sale until Dec 1, 2021. if you’re interested is seeing what’s available.

MarsCon 2022 prep is seriously getting underway. I got the email double-checking requirements last night. I should be getting my location assignment in a few weeks.

There probably won’t be a shop up-date in December,only because I’ll be working on building up existing stock in prep for MarsCon.

I’ve got a few blog posts to go live between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I hope to start recording YouTube videos for the New Year soon.

Going to start going live on Twitch on the weekends soon, just chatting with people while I crochet, though I’m not sure of times yet.

If there’s anything you’d like to see or have questions about, please let me know.