Plans for 2022

Greetings and welcome to 2022

Yes, I am aware it’s January 3, 2022 and not January 1, 2022 ( at least if you are reading this on the day it went live, it is)

I have some changes and plans for this new year.

First up: MarsCon 2022 in Williamsburg Virginia. That will take place in 11 days, January 14-16. My first serious attempt at live, in-person sales. My goal is to at least break even between costs and sales. I’ll get more into this in a later blog or two.

I am hoping to do some craft shows in Yorktown, VA in the fall, but I still have some inquiries to make on that.

Next: YouTube: I will be putting out some new videos after MarsCon. I will start with granny-squares and then go from there.

Possibility for 2022: A product Kickstarter. I still have some research do to on this and some inquires to make, but this could be a thing this year.

This blog will go back to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday publishing schedule. I’m still working on what topics I’m going to cover so if you have a suggestion, please let me know.

I am planning on being more regular with my social media posts as well, across all the platforms I use, not just Twitter.