The Little Things

First off, Welcome to February 2022.

Over the weekend, I did those things that most people don’t initially think about when they start a small business, namely keeping track of inventory and social media, long-term prep.

I realized on Saturday, while I was dealing with the MarsCon 2022 prep for March that I have no updated Master Inventory List. The last inventory list I made was over 2 years ago. The current list has 275 items on it, and I’m sure once I actually organize the garage and get that set up as a central area for all my business items that I will find more.

There will be an Etsy Shop update coming in the next week, and I’ll be setting up a shop on Facebook as well. I just need to take photographs and write up item descriptions first. I need to get better at presenting my business on social media, having as much inventory as I have on hand is not ok if I don’t have a steady stream of sales to justify it. I’m hoping to make connections as MarsCon that will help me expand my business. If it goes well, I’m going to see about have a booth on the weekends in the Yorktown Fall Markets.

The blog, for January, was read in 44 countries, with 414 views and 322 readers. Going forward, I do plan on adding more patterns on a more regular basis and branching out into other fiber art posts and I research more unique and obscure crafts.

Working on a owlbear.