Changes coming


So, in light of Etsy’s news to raise the seller’s fee to 6.5% in April: which would bring the overall fees, including the seller’s fee, the transaction fee, and a shipping fee, up to 14.5% + 0.20 per item.

This is not financially feasible for my shop as I barely have any profits as it is.

I have started the research into other sales platforms. I’m planning on transitioning off of Etsy and onto a new platform by the end of April.

I would start the actual transition before the new fee hike takes effect, except that I have MarsCon in 3 weeks, and I need to focus on getting the final touches on that setup done.

I am aware that I’ll need to have new business cards done up, which is fine because I need to have the new logo that my sister designed for me last year, put on them anyways.

If you have a suggestion on what selling platforms I should look into, I would love to hear it.