MarsCon 2022

So, MarsCon 2022 is over. I didn’t do to bad for my first in-person selling event. I made some new friends, learned a few things and got a lot of ideas for the next event.

I did actually manage to make back the cost of the table, which given the lower than usual turn out, I wasn’t so sure I would do.

I did sell out of my baby Cthulhu, so I’ll definitely need to make more, and I’ll probably expand the color choices. I will also need to make more sci-fi/character options. The micro octojelly actually sold a lot better than I thought they would, the dice bags didn’t sell nearly as well as I had hoped. I also did manage to sell a few of the octojelly that I made a few years ago that I thought would never sell.

I did get ideas to up my display game. I think next event, I’ll do 2 tables, and get some racking to do some vertical displays. I’m also going look into some short shelving to help with displaying as well.

I did learn that Scotch tape is not sticky after 2 years. This was not something that I had known before, but it did manage to, just barely, hold my banner up for the duration of the Con.

In the coming weeks, I will be starting the process of breaking away from Etsy for the shop front, I’ve narrowed it down to either a Square Shop or a website on I still have a little more research to do.

What interesting things did all of you do this weekend?