Crochet Injuries: Ear Cleaning?

So for this next injury-not vaginal and not penis related (though readers I promise there are a few more of them in the future) Our next injury occurred when a young man perhaps had and itch; though he said he was cleaning out his ear) and decided to use a Tunisian Crochet needle… what???

    Ossicular injuries usually occur in association with fractures of the temporal bone, with longitudinal fractures being more commonly associated than transverse fractures. Dislocations of the ossicular chain can also occur without fractures, either due to a penetrating injury or blunt trauma. We are presenting here a case of an ossicular injury which was caused by a metallic Tunisian needle, when the patient had made an attempt to clean his external ear canal. A young male presented to E.N.T Department with severe vertigo and conductive hearing loss. Patient’s symptoms started soon after he was trying to clean his ear with a metallic Tunisian needle and he injured his ear drum. Patient was sent to Radiology Department for a high resolution CT scan of the temporal bone. High resolution CT scan revealed a stapediovestibular dislocation with anteriorly displaced stapes foot plate, abutting the opening of eustachian tube (external rotation), along with a malleoincudal dislocation. Although dislocation of stapes can be associated with perilymph fistulas, however, no fluid was seen in the tympanic cavity in this case. Still, a diagnosis of a stapediovestibular and a malleoincudal dislocation associated with perilymph fistula was given, due to complaint of vertigo. To the best of our knowledge, the dislocation of ossicular chain by direct trauma caused by a needle after an ear drum perforation is a rare entity. Patient was given complete bed rest and vertin (betahistdine) for controlling vertigo, after which he recovered.

    Sooo…maybe use a Q-tip next time….or…anything else…k? K.