Unusual Use for a Crochet Hook

I read recently that when you fill out paperwork for an injury..sorry a crochet injury, the medical code that you’re going to have on your paperwork (if you receive medical care) is a C93D1. So the girl with her home made medical procedure and then the Child’s mouth…listed as C93D1. 

    Which I think helps out next patient..I mean can you imagine going to work on Monday and your work friends are like “bro, how was you weekend?” And well you spent Saturday in the hospital and Sunday recovering because you spent Friday night drinking…got roofied and…what?? Ended up with a crochet needle stuck like a catheter up your penis….. “oh, well I’m a little sore today I was in the hospital with a C93D1 injury…” Naturally, they’ll think it was sports related and the topic will change to other sports related injuries…moving on…mean while your dick may take sometime to recover…

        Let’s rewind and start from from the top:

    So, its 2009 and unnamed man meets  unnamed women (an ex girlfriend we are told later) in a bar….

    Man wakes up the next morning with a crochet needle stuck all the way up his extended dick. He goes to the hospital and has a procedure to take it out and bring down the swelling in his penis. Police investigation issues. The man has no idea how it got there; thus his claim he was roofied. 

    Side note: Flunitrazepam, also known as Rohypnol, is a benzodiazepine used to treat insomnia and assist in anesthesia. When said drug is used inappropriately its called a roofie. It often results in memory lose and headaches. It also shows up in the blood stream; no word on his lab results. 

    Fast forward to 2011: Said very similar looking guy is seen on pornhub, in the fetish section, doing a girl with a crochet needle stuck in his dick…..

    Word to the wise this can harm you and her…so just….don’t ‘kay? ‘Kay. 

Please know,that if this is your kink, I pass no judgement on you. This site is a no judgement zone.