Plans in the works

So just a quick update of sorts.

Starting Monday, I’m restarting the Crafts of the World series. I don’t plan on sticking to fiber arts with this series, this time. I’m going to try my best to cover atleast one craft from each country. This will be added to daily.

Starting in October, I plan to restart the WTF series, that will be a weekly update, I’m just not sure what day of the week that will be, or when that will start yet.

Starting in November, I’ll also be on Twitch atleast every other Wednesday, with a few other nights thrown in there. I will be on Twitch before then, I just don’t have a schedule for that yet.

I have started adding how-to videos to YouTube, though I do plan to re-do the 3 existing videos in the coming weeks to make them better, as they honestly look like crap right now.

I have an in-person show in Chesapeake, Va on November and possibly another in Courtland, Va in December. I’ll post more about those as I get the information.