The Sweater Curse

For those of you not in the Fiber Arts Community, or those of you just delving into the Fiber Arts World, The Boyfriend Sweater Curse is, in simple terms, where you make something for you significant other, you give it to them, and they break up with you shortly after.

This originally was a knitting term, but has since grown to include crocheting, and other fiber arts. The Sweater Curse is used to describe the belief that if a hand-made sweater made/given to a significant other, it will lead to the recipient breaking up with the knitter/crocheter.

There was actually a poll done in 2005, 15% of active knitters experienced this sweater curse first hand, and 41% considered it a very real possibility.

There are many proposed mechanisms for this curse. Among them are unlucky timing, a rescue mission (for the relationship), a feeling of insufficient gratitude, and possible new interests on the side of the intended recipient.

Most knitters/crocheter who truly believe in the curse waiting until after marriage before they gift a sweater.

While I personally, have not experienced the curse, I’ve come close a few times. I also know people who have experienced this curse themselves.

What about you, have you experienced it?