New Year, New Plans

Welcome to 2023 y’all.

So, a little housekeeping.

In 2022, I have 2,611 visitors. I’d like to have atleast 3,000 this year. I’m aware I should have a bigger goal than that, but I’m good with a small increase year to year for now. Now that I’ve added the shop side of things, my hope is that it helps with foot traffic.

Now for the new-ish plans.

So, starting next week, there will be daily updates of how-tos for various crochet stitches. I’m still working on coming up with a weekly series that will go out in Mondays starting in February. I’m also working on a couple of short series that will go out later this year centered around the seasons.

If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram, you’ll have noticed that I’ve started posting daily. I’m going to keep doing that until I figure out what social content schedule works best for me. I do plan on adding TikTok to that mix soon.

The YouTube channel will start being updated/revamped in mid-late February. I still have a little more research and recording to do.

How is 2023 shaping up for you so far?


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