Lady Grey a la Crème Black Tea = The Spice and Tea Exchange

I am not being paid to write this

The Lady Grey a la Crème Black Tea from The Spice and Tea Exchange is a good, light tasting Earl Grey tea. It contains the standard Earl Grey tea ingredients along with lavender, lemon and orange zest and vanilla.

It is sold as a loose leaf tea and has a high caffeine content. I bought the 2 oz bag, but you can buy it in other sizes from or from one of their many brick and mortar locations. They do have a large number of teas that do tend to come and go as the seasons change.

I very much think of this as more of a dessert tea or even a tea for the early mornings where the outdoor weather is going to be hot out. It is not a robust as a regular Earl Grey, but it does have the same bite to it, just not a strong of a bite.