Weekend Update


This past week has been….something.

Due to outside circumstances, this business is currently my main source of income. I’ve spent the last week revamping some things, and reviving others.

I’ll be adding Thursday to the Twitch stream schedule starting next week. Right now I’ll be streaming Thursday from 9am to 1 pm and Sundays from 6am to 8am. I may add more days to that as I see fit. I have been uploading the streams onto YouTube it you want to watch them. I apologize not for the lack of talking, not many people watch my stream at 6am. Starting this week I will be having a book off of LibriVox on in the background to help remove the silence.

I have removed the dice bags from the current product line. I may add them back, I haven’t decided yet. I have made the decision to carry 10 each of the Desk Nessie, Desk Gremlin, Desk Dragon, Desk Mothmen, and Cthulhu at all times, I’m currently working on those now. Once I get those made an uploaded, I’ll be moving on to more complicated pieces that require wire structures for support. These pieces will more than likely be one of a kind pieces.

I’ve also revived a project that I tried to start last fall, but due to a very hectic schedule, had to put on a back burner.

I’m going to crochet 1 amigurumi for each monster in the 5e Monster Manual. Not including the appendices, that are 312 Monsters in the book. I’m have made both a written and a digital master list of the Monsters. I’m going to see what patterns I have already so that I can figure out what I am making first.