Alcohol and A Crochet Hook

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This one is actually fairly recent, circa 2009. I will admit that coming up with a title was not easy.

So I didn’t find much about this one, just an article in a small newspaper in Huntsville.

A guy had drinks with his ex, they ended up in bed together. He woke up around 11pm to find a crochet needle in his urethra. He claims that he has no idea how it got there.

After an x-ray, doctors were able to remove the hook.

A couple of things with this one. First off, i have my own theories on how the hook ended up where it did. If it’s a kink thing, that’s fine, more power to them. We don’t kink shame. However, if its not, i want to know what he did to her, to make her want to shove a perfectly good crochet hook where she did.