Mosaic Tile

I like this square for the simple fact that despite that multiple color combination, it still comes out small than expected. I made one with a size 6.0mm hook and it still only measured 3 inches in length/width. This pattern does require you to carry colors over rows rather fastening off and refastening yarns.

Base Ring: Using color A, ch6, join with a slip stitch

Round 1: Ch4,[1dc, ch1] 11 times into the ring, slip st to 3rd of ch-4, draw color B though loop, drop Color A

Round 2: [1sc into next sp, ch2] 12 times, slip st to 1st sc, draw Color A though loop, drop Color B

Round 3: *[1sc into next sp, ch2] twice, [3dc, ch2] twice into next sp ffor corner; rep from *3 times more, slip st to 1st sc, draw Color B through loop, cast off Color A

Round 4: *(1sc, ch3) into each sp to corner, [1sc, ch3] twice into corner sp; rep from * 3 times more, slip st to 1st sc.

Fasten Off