Desert Garden

Another little one. Sorry I don’t have a better picture, but I was using odds and ends of yarns when I made this, but it does come out nicely.

Base Ring: Ch4, join with slip st

Round 1: Ch4 (count as 1dc, ch1). [1dc into ring, ch1] 7 times, slip st to 3rd of ch-4

Round 2: Sl st into 1st ch-1 so, ch3, 2dc into same ch-1 sp, ch1, [3dc into next ch-1 sp, ch1] 7times, slip st to top of ch-3

Round 3: Slip st into each of the next 2 dc and next ch-1 sp, ch3, 2dc into same ch sp, ch1, *[3dc, ch3, 3dc] into next ch-1 sp, ch1, 3dc into next ch-1 sp, ch1; rep from * twice more, [3dc, ch3, 3dc] into next xh-1 sp, ch1, slip st to top of ch-3.

Fasten Off