Sow Thistle Square

Special Abbreviation:

Cluster: yo, insert hook in st and draw up a loop, you and draw through 2 loops (Yo, insert hook in next st and draw up a loop, Yo, draw through 2 loops) twice, yo and draw through all loops on hook

Base Ring: Using A, ch4, join with slip st

Round 1: Ch4 (count as 1dc, ch1), [1dc, ch1] 11 time into ring, slip st to 3rd of ch-4, fasten off

Round 2: Using B join into same sp, ch3, dc2tog into same sp (counts as cluster),[ch3, cluster into next sp] 11 times, ch3, slip st to top of 1st cluster. Fasten off

Round 3: Using A, join into ch-3 sp, ch1, 1sc into same sp, [ch5, 1sc into next sp] 11 times, ch2, 1dc into 1st sc. Fasten off

Round 4: Using B join into sp formed by dc, 1h1, 1sc into same place, *ch5, 1sc into next sp, ch1, {5dc, ch3, 5dc} into next sp, ch1, 1sc into next sp: rep from * 3 more times, omitting sc at end of last rep, slip st to 1st sc

Fasten Off