Long over due update

So where to start.

At the beginning of May, I hit a mental burn out over life in general, so I opted to take a break from a lot of things. I didn’t mean to take this long of a break from the blog, but it is what it is at this point.

I hope to be back on a semi-regular posting schedule soon.

I have temporarily shut down the Shopify shop, I have to do a little more research on site setup.

The Etsy side of the business is still there, but I am in the middle of redoing product descriptions and creating more of a rotating product system.

Some major news, in January of 2022, I will be a product vendor at MarsCon. This is the oldest and largest sci-fi/fantasy convention in the Virginia Tidewater area. I’m excited as this will be my first attempt at in-person selling.

I’ll have another update of two in the coming week with more info about the Etsy side of things and MarsCon