July Update

Ok, so, where to start.

The Etsy relaunch is almost ready, the product descriptions are being more of a pain than usual.

Now that the table fee has been paid, I can really begin in earnest to plan and make all of the product I’ll need for that. I also still need to figure out table layout. At least I have until mid-January 2022 to figure that out.

I have 3 different blog series in the works right now. 40-ish posts in all. I am trying my best to get back on schedule with this. I’m also on getting other crochet patterns to post. The Granny Square Series did better than I thought it would.

My plan, before the month is out, is to start live streaming on Twitch doing crochet and chatting. I just have to locate 1 of my 2 webcams first. I’m also working on getting the YouTube channel updated, since it’s been over a year since my last video there.

With everything going on, there are days where I wish the business made enough so that I can hire people to help with the writing and the video stuff. I known I’ll get there one day.