When the World Goes Crazy

Just a quick-ish update, given how the world, as a whole, has lost its damn mind.

On the store front, I am still in the process of making product to replenish what sold out during my birthday sale. The sale did alot better that any of my other sales have in the past. I made the same amount of money during those 4 days as I did in the last year combined.

I also learned that the dice bags and crowns sell better than the octojelly do. So as much as I love my octojelly, I’ll be making more of those. I bought some beads to experiment with. Might add them to the crowns, or the bags, or both, I haven’t fully decided yet.

On the mom front, my little one has either a sore throat or strep throat. Given his lack of social interactions with the public, (he is very, very wary of people he doesn’t see on a regualr basis and even then it’s iffy about who he interacts with), I am 100% certain that he doesn’t have the current (according to the media) world ending virus.

Remember, just because he might be 100% healthy, doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone around you that is at a high risk to catch this thing.

Safe safe everyone, and remember to look after your elderly nieghbors who might not have anyone else looking after them during this mass stupidity.