New Year, New Plans

Welcome to 2023 y’all.

So, a little housekeeping.

In 2022, I have 2,611 visitors. I’d like to have atleast 3,000 this year. I’m aware I should have a bigger goal than that, but I’m good with a small increase year to year for now. Now that I’ve added the shop side of things, my hope is that it helps with foot traffic.

Now for the new-ish plans.

So, starting next week, there will be daily updates of how-tos for various crochet stitches. I’m still working on coming up with a weekly series that will go out in Mondays starting in February. I’m also working on a couple of short series that will go out later this year centered around the seasons.

If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram, you’ll have noticed that I’ve started posting daily. I’m going to keep doing that until I figure out what social content schedule works best for me. I do plan on adding TikTok to that mix soon.

The YouTube channel will start being updated/revamped in mid-late February. I still have a little more research and recording to do.

How is 2023 shaping up for you so far?

Taking a Breather

So I have finished up my in-person selling for the year. I was going to try for one more show this year, but for reasons, I have opted not to.

I’m going to update/adjust things on the shop side of this site. I’m currently working on better product descriptions and I’ll get better photos taken this coming weekend.

Along with working on the research side of things for the blog, I’ have ‘m in the process of creating a daily, weekly, and monthly blog series. I’m also working on gathering holiday based crochet patterns to share.

I do have plans to revive the YouTube channel and I have almost worked out a steady Twitch schedule.

There will be a more in-depth plan for 2023 put before the end of 2022,I just have to finalize that too.

Little Things

So I am approaching a portion of the year where my stress levels are at their highest.

My son turns 5 this coming weekend, the weekend after that I have a big show and the weekend after that I have a little show.

I still need to redo all the listings (add/remove) before Black Friday too. Don’t worry, my Twitter people, I will disconnect this site from Twitter while I do that so that you don’t get spammed.

I should also be recording videos so that I can relaunch the YouTube channel in January, but that will be on hold until after the shows/Black Friday prep.

On top of that I do have a full time job that I have to deal with.

I’ll trying to do at least a weekly update until the end of year, but I make no promises.


So first off, apologies for not having a regular update schedule like I said I would. Things have been a little sideways lately, but I’m working on that,I just won’t happen until January 2023. More on those plans later.

I have a live show coming up in about 3 weeks in Chesapeake Virginia. It will be Nov 5 from 10-4 at the Chesapeake City Park. If you’re in the area, stop by and say hi.

Plans in the works

So just a quick update of sorts.

Starting Monday, I’m restarting the Crafts of the World series. I don’t plan on sticking to fiber arts with this series, this time. I’m going to try my best to cover atleast one craft from each country. This will be added to daily.

Starting in October, I plan to restart the WTF series, that will be a weekly update, I’m just not sure what day of the week that will be, or when that will start yet.

Starting in November, I’ll also be on Twitch atleast every other Wednesday, with a few other nights thrown in there. I will be on Twitch before then, I just don’t have a schedule for that yet.

I have started adding how-to videos to YouTube, though I do plan to re-do the 3 existing videos in the coming weeks to make them better, as they honestly look like crap right now.

I have an in-person show in Chesapeake, Va on November and possibly another in Courtland, Va in December. I’ll post more about those as I get the information.

Quick Rant-ish

Why is designing a business card so difficult?

I have the logo, and all the information I want on it. It should not be this difficult.

Sorry, this is one of those moments that most business owners don’t like to publicize. The frustrations we have to deal with when we are still in the infant stages of building the business. Still working a day job on top of this isn’t helping either.

How are you doing today?

Update and Announcement

So if you have seen my social media today, you know that I have been accepted as a vendor to the Chesapeake Jubilee Fall Craft Market on November 5, 2022 in Chesapeake, Virginia.

I’m looking forward to it, as it will be my first attempt at an outdoor event. It will also be the largest event I have attempted to date. I’m glad I have almost 2 months to prep for this, as it is supposed to be a fairly large turned out for a 7 hour event.

For the first time in almost 2 years, I have started adding videos to the YouTube site. The video probably needs a lot of work, but it’s up there.

I have also, finally, figured out how to connect the shop on this site, to Facebook/Instagram. So now the products can been found on those sites as well, without me having to create brand new listings.

I’ve also added SEO and Analytic plugins to help me with figuring out/tracking those things. I do have a goal of making this business my full-time job within the next 5 years.

September plans and updates

Just a quick update.

So the shop side of things now has more than just dice bags in it. There will be more added within the next 2 weeks. I just have to get photos taken.

On the blog side, I’m doing some research for off the different little series that I currently have on hold. The Country Series will start back up before the month and the WTF? Series will start back up in October.

I’ve almost got my studio finished, so it’s making it easier to work on things without distractions. I do have some YouTube videos recorded, I just need to do some editing before I can get those posted. I’ve also started streaming on Twitch, so far it’s only 1 day a week, but I’m hoping to get on a regular schedule soon.

Ramblings’s almost midnight, but I figured I’d get a quick update of sorts up.

If you’ve been on the site, looking around in the last 72 hours, you’ll have noticed some changes.

I updated the layout and color scheme to be a bit more professional looking. My goal for the business is for this to be my main income stream within the next 5 years and I’m hoping that this will help with that. I’ll probably be tweaking it here and there over the next couple of weeks.

The shop has also now been added to the site. At the moment, I only have dice bags in that shop, but I do plan on adding amigurumi animals, scarves, and blankets throughout the week.

I’ve almost finalized the new business cards. My plan is to get those finalized and ordered before the month is out, just having problems with the logo not looking right on the cards.

If you opt to take a look at the rest of the site, please let me know what you think, or anything you suggest that might make it better.


Where to start.

So, there are some changes coming to this site as I integrate my shop with the blog. I have already started with the process, so I apologize now for the mess.

This blog was featured on Feedspot’s Top 100 Crochet Blogs list, made number 82 on that list. I’m rather proud of myself for that. The link is if you’d like to see for yourself.

I have a couple of outdoor events that I am looking into, one in October and the other in November, more on that once the integration is finished.

Back to setting up the shop, the plan is to have the fully live and shoppable but August 31, 2022.

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