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Yarn Spinning

Spinning Yarn….and Silk Yarn so you can see for yourself what your working with…you know in case you decide to raise silkworms…or just buy into a scraps company…. Broken silk thread is one of important fancy yarn assortment. It is made up of a core yarn, a binding yarn and a broken effect yarn. The … Continue reading Yarn Spinning

Yarn Terminology and Types

Greetings and apologies for the long delay. Life, Covid-19, and general chaos have been keeping me busy. Before I get into the types and definitions of the more common types of yarns, I want to go over some of the more common terms used when describing yarns. You may be familiar with these terms already, … Continue reading Yarn Terminology and Types

Yarn, a General Overview

Yarn, at it’s simplest form, a long and continuous length of interlocked fibers. Though, in reality, yarn is so much more complicated than that. To start with, yarn is usually measured and sold by the weight, rather than the length. This is because of the differences in the yarn thickness. An example of this is … Continue reading Yarn, a General Overview