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Chinese Puzzle Stitch

Chain Multiple is 7 + 4 to start Abbreviations: Ch = chainRS = right sidedc = double crochetdc5tog = double crochet 5 togetherFPdc2tog = front post double crochet 2 togetherFPdc5tog = front post double crochet 5 togetherdecrease = used to refer to any of the dc5tog, FPdc2tog, FPdc5tog sts This example will start with a … Continue reading Chinese Puzzle Stitch


Research suggests that crochet probably developed most directly Chinese needlework. Since this art is believed to be the oldest; I’ll cover this next for our around the world series. If you look at our previous articles you’ll see Amigurumi; which is essentially the same as crochet, only it refers  to the process of making 3-D … Continue reading China