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On Wednesday, April 19, 1876, A post-mortem examination took place in which the founding conclusions are as follows: death had resulted from injury to the brain by a crochet-hook. Follow along with me…     Florence B--, aged two years and a half, was playing by the fireplace with her sisters, when she either fell down … Continue reading A CASE OF DEATH FROM PUNCTURE OF THE BRAIN BY A CROCHET-HOOK

Unusual Use for a Crochet Hook

I read recently that when you fill out paperwork for an injury..sorry a crochet injury, the medical code that you’re going to have on your paperwork (if you receive medical care) is a C93D1. So the girl with her home made medical procedure and then the Child’s mouth…listed as C93D1.      Which I think helps … Continue reading Unusual Use for a Crochet Hook

Crochet Injuries: Ear Cleaning?

So for this next injury-not vaginal and not penis related (though readers I promise there are a few more of them in the future) Our next injury occurred when a young man perhaps had and itch; though he said he was cleaning out his ear) and decided to use a Tunisian Crochet needle… what???     … Continue reading Crochet Injuries: Ear Cleaning?

Death by Knitting Needle?

    Chest injuries are always serious, and in a strange turn of events there are six such cases where a penetrating chest wound was caused by a knitting or crochet needle. This is more common than you thought injury is a thing for a couple of reasons, 1. Self defense against muggings and rape and … Continue reading Death by Knitting Needle?

Crochet Hook to…the Mouth…..?

    Gynecological problems are not the only injuries to appear in the annals of the medicals books as having been caused by a crochet needle. They really only get worse from there. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. There’s also a lesson here about carelessness and clumsy children (don’t worry this one is just fine).     A … Continue reading Crochet Hook to…the Mouth…..?

1929 PreTeen with Questionable Friends

Let’s take a side note here and start a new series. This one will be out every other Friday and (it may make you cringe, laugh or look on in horror at times) will talk about injuries. Injuries are common in every craft; you burn your self with a hot glue gun, accidentally drink your … Continue reading 1929 PreTeen with Questionable Friends