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Unusual Use for a Crochet Hook

I read recently that when you fill out paperwork for an injury..sorry a crochet injury, the medical code that you’re going to have on your paperwork (if you receive medical care) is a C93D1. So the girl with her home made medical procedure and then the Child’s mouth…listed as C93D1.      Which I think helps … Continue reading Unusual Use for a Crochet Hook

Crochet Hook to…the Mouth…..?

    Gynecological problems are not the only injuries to appear in the annals of the medicals books as having been caused by a crochet needle. They really only get worse from there. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. There’s also a lesson here about carelessness and clumsy children (don’t worry this one is just fine).     A … Continue reading Crochet Hook to…the Mouth…..?